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  • Private Training: work one-on-one or with a friend or family member.
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Private gym consultations and installations for your home or office.

Karen has been an innovator in the gym and health spa business since the late 1970's. She is passionate and easy to work. She will help you design your gym layout and work with your contractor or if you don't have one, hire the crew to get the job done. With her extensive background she will help you choose the equipment that will best suit your needs.   

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   Build your own group or join an open group. 

 Rudiger Method/ Rhythm nose Breathing workshop: Reach your highest potential in respiratory function and make your cardio fitness better! 
  • Learn the RM-Key elements of exercising the rhythm of breathing utilizing both your upper and lower respiratory systems. 
  • Learn why mouth breathing is wrong and how athletes use the mouth as a vent with the proper mechanics.
  • Learn the benefits of nose breathing and how it will increase your blood oxygen levels and metabolism.
  • Learn why improper diaphragm breathing (pushing your stomach out) is a leading cause for degenerative spinal injury.
  • Learn how to condition your muscles for effective diaphragm breathing without distending your belly.
  • Learn what commercial exercise routines you need to avoid and how the RudigerMethods will help you reach your highest potentials.
This workshop is fun and outdoors. Come take a walk with me in Central Park NYC, Overpeck Park in Bergen County, NJ., or choose any park and I will meet your group there. I love to teach and and love the student who loves to learn! 

Posture Alignment, Flexibility & Strength Workshop: 


The Rudiger Method™ is a new training paradigm and can be integrated into any routine of exercise practice to make it better!  
  • Learn the Rudiger Methods Keys of exercise training for Human Dynamic Balance. 
  • Learn how to apply this new foundation of knowledge into any exercise routine, or exercise your body mechanics separate from all other physical activities.
  • Learn how to build flexible-strength and balance without stretching. 
  • Learn why stretching is one of the most misused exercises.
  • Learn how the Rudiger Exercise Science is the first to coin 'physio-analysis'™ and introduce a new anatomical position as a paradigm of reference, utilized in measuring articulations, and testing in 'motoric-aptitude'™.
  • Learn what it means to become BE!-Body-Extended™. _ and so much more! 
  • Learn to make it work better! 

  How to get started :

     Contact Karen by email or phone for more information. Fees are based on a flat rate. The more people in your group the more economical a workshop becomes for each per person.
Workshops are adjusted to the level of skill level within a group of 3-6 persons.

Contact Karen for more information:

Phone: 917-224-4944



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