"commentary through experience".

Choose a Fit Physical Trainer.


    There are different kinds of physical trainers; the most valuable trainer is someone who teaches through "genuine experience." Working with a well rounded athletic trainer is a privilege at any level. Their well-trained body can translate the smallest details into simple mechanical lessons. Learning through experienced instructors can teach you the correct positions and postures to work on along with the mental focus necessary for reaching goals. 

     It is wise to be a discriminating student when it comes to choosing a fitness trainer. Finding a trainer who can show you the correct techniques, demonstrate and teach through personal experience, or have an skilled assistant who can demonstrate physical movement when the trainer does not have the skill. Qualified trainers can reduce your risk of injury or fears associated with exercise due to injury or pain. They will teach you the proper posture, physical positioning and create a foundation of functional exercise practices for learning. Fitness certification alone not enough, it needs to be coupled with experience and demonstration. Find a trainer who is capable of guiding you through the process, and has your health in their best interest.

Keeping it real...
Your BodyTeacher™, Karen Rudiger

Next topic: I am excited to demonstrate a clear model of how the lever-system works in relationship to movement and the importance of demonstration and semantics. I have been researching this subject for some time and found mistakes in the presentation of the lever-system, and how it is applied to teach bio-mechanics and kinesiology. I found many confused students online and will share the corrections this Spring 2016. Semantics are very important in any teaching model and the physics are fascinating! Discovery makes science simple to learn. 

email if you have a question about the commentary written in "BodySideline's", or would like to discuss any fitness subject or your physical training program. Random questions will be answered and posted on "BodySideline" page. Any questions I can not answer from direct experience I will do my best to find an expert who can give commentary from personal experience. "Keeping it real"... is about learning from genuine first hand experience. 

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