Karen L. Rudiger 

Extreme Athlete & Exercise Scientist, Myologist
Athletic Trainer, Fitness Coach, Exercise Therapist, & Body Educator.
Best known as
the BodyTeacher™ 44 years of fitness leadership. 


 Karen is an advocate for body education, promoting the firsthand knowledge of elite-athletes in the fitness business__, she summed up her motives in two conjoined words, "Futurehuman", since 1974

  Visit the New www.Futurehuman.com.

Become a part of the Futurehuman fitness community and connect with athletes around the world. When you sign onto, the new Futurehuman you will see it is in the early stages of development. In 2021 Futurehuman will launch phase two providing a new kind of fitness service never done before in the history of fitness. In the meantime before our launch visit the Futurehuman team of athletes in our directory and shop. Click the links  and get of glimpse of some of the most knowledgeable trainers on the planet

phone: 917.224.4944


RudigerMethod dba,
Futurehuman Corp.

RudigerMethod™ online training & body education
  opening soon under Futurehuman Corp. fitness at www.Futurehuman.com 

  • Athletic Training & Fitness Training
  • RM Body Tune8Up™ New Functional Fitness Training
  • RnBcardio Rhythm Breathing and respiratory conditioning
Specialized Exercise Therapy:
  • Physio-Analysis™ & Posture Correction
  • Injury & Neuro-muscular Rehabilitation
Corporate & Home Gym installations:
  • Home GymStall™ Consultations & Installation
Training Services can be booked in the privacy of your home, office, or gym. Karen also has relationships with many private facilities throughout the tri-state area, along with private schools, public parks, and recreational centers.

Contact Karen for more information:

Email: karen@rudigermethod.com
Phone: 917-224-4944

COVID19 Update, in person training services are temporarily suspended until further notice.
In person fitness services are expected to reopen July 1st. If you have questions or need to consult with Karen please call the number above or send a text. 

Planning on building a personal home or office gym? Or a bigger project for a Co-op building or Condo? I can do the job under the price of what it would cost you to do the job on your own.
Call me to learn more about GymStall™ services. 

Karen Rudiger's fitness services have merged under Futurehuman Corp. at www.futurehuman.com
Karen continues teach, and is currently working on publishing the RudigerMethod's, her goals are to pass the knowledge on to athletes who need help transitioning into the fitness business after retirement.

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