Karen L. Rudiger
The Body Teacher & Body Mechanic
40 years of professional experience.

Athletic Trainer, Educator, Athlete, Exercise Scientist
Advocate for the Advancement of Physical Education
Lecturer & Motivational Speaker 
"Make it work better."

phone: 917.224.4944


What is the Rudiger Method? 

     The Rudiger Method the new paradigm of exercise for everybody, at every level of training. It works differentially through a new set of rules and principles, never taught before the Rudiger Method. 
     What the Rudiger Method will do for you, is help you understand your body mechanics cohesively. The Rudiger Method is the first exercise training model to become a foundation standing alone as a practice of use, separate from traditional models of functional training. Because the Rudiger Method foundational, to how the human body works, it becomes the new integrated tool for the advancement of all models of fitness training and performance practice. The benefit of practicing the Rudiger Method is that it is a real new exercise science that works! 

"Experiential learning is the only way to develop and maintain the human body. We must do our best to take care of ourselves. Otherwise, the benign neglect of not maintaining our highest physical standards can turn into real consequences for our futures, careers, and families". ~ Karen Rudiger

  • Athletic Training
  • Consulting & Coaching
  • RM Body Tune∞Up New Functional Fitness Training
  • RBcardio© RhythmBreathing -Respiratory Conditioning
  • Workshops
  • Specialized Exercise Therapy
  • Physio-Analysis & Posture Correction
    Injury & Neuro-muscular Rehabilitation

  • Home Gym Consultations & Installations

Training Services can be booked in the 
privacy of your home, office, or gym. Karen also has relationships with many private facilities throughout the tri-state area, along with private s
chools, public parks, and recreational centers.

Contact Karen for more information:

Email: Karen@BodyTeacher.com
Phone: 917-224-4944


Summer Special

Call today to set up an appointment and save $150.oo on our consultation fee. 
regular price is $300.oo  

I had a great success at the International Contortionist Convention / ICC2016. Click the image and have a peek :-) at some of the greatest performers on Earth!

Don't forget to book your workshop this summer! All ages and stages of health & fitness welcome to join in with RudigerFitness exercise services.
The RudigerMethod is an educational system of training to help you make new body connexions for better results. The RudigerMethod is universal exercise training developed and perfected throughout 40 years of practical research and hands-on fitness training studies. The RudigerMethod works for everyone, at every level of fitness, whether challenged by a disability, new to exercise, or a beginner, intermediate, or the advanced fitness buff, you need to learn the RudigerMethod. If you are a trainer, coach, Olympian, performing artist or athlete at any level, you can not afford not to learn the RudigerMethod. And Physical therapy is not complete without the RudigerMethod. The RudigerMethod is rooted in the trusted Futurehuman philosophy and grounded exercise science which is the first to define human dynamic balance and the human potential for motoric aptitude.  
Give the RudigerMethod a try; one experience will prove these claims. You have so much to gain learning how to utilize the principles and techniques taught by the RudigerMethod.


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