Karen L. Rudiger
The Body Teacher & Body Mechanic
40 years of professional experience.

Athletic Trainer, Educator, Athlete, Exercise Scientist
Advocate for the Advancement of Physical Education
Lecturer & Motivational Speaker 
"Make it work better."

phone: 917.224.4944


     The RudigerMethod the new exercise science paradigm with a unique set of rules and principles, never taught before. The RudigerMethod can be integrated into any level of training.

  • Athletic Training
  • Consulting & Coaching
  • RM Body Tune∞Up New Functional Fitness Training
  • RBcardio© RhythmBreathing -Respiratory Conditioning
  • Workshops
  • Specialized Exercise Therapy
  • Physio-Analysis & Posture Correction
    Injury & Neuro-muscular Rehabilitation

  • Home Gym Consultations & Installations

Training Services can be booked in the 
privacy of your home, office, or gym. Karen also has relationships with many private facilities throughout the tri-state area, along with private s
chools, public parks, and recreational centers.

Contact Karen for more information:

Email: Karen@BodyTeacher.com
Phone: 917-224-4944


Autumn Special
Call today and save $150.oo
off the consultation fee.

(regular price is $300.oo )


RudigerMethod is moving to Futurehuman.com in 2017. Be sure to bookmark Futurehuman.com

    Futurehuman idea was born in 1963. Futurehuman© Project founded in 1974. Futurehuman.com owned since 1994. 
Futurehuman.com is soon to be the new home of the Rudiger Exercise Sciences, the Rudiger Method's, along with the Futurehuman Philosophy and all its extended projects. Shhhhh!!! there is so much more to share, but not now... 

Futurehuman® Corp., dba RudigerFitness

I had a great success at the International Contortionist Convention / ICC2016. Click the image and have a peek :-) at some of the greatest performers on Earth!

Don't forget to book your workshop this Winter! All ages and levels of health & fitness welcome. 


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