Karen L. Rudiger 

Extreme Athlete & Exercise Scientist, 
Athletic Trainer, Fitness Coach, Exercise Therapist, & Body Educator.
Know as
the BodyTeacher™ a fitness leader for 42 years. 

 Karen takes great pride in being an advocate for fitness and calls her work a ‘body education’. Today, she continues to work with elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and a socialite clientele in New York City. She is the founder of Futurehuman Corp. Fitness, an organization that offers a rare training experience to mainstream fitness facilities. Karen collaborates with world-class athletic performers producing workshops and seminars. She is the creator of the RudigerMethod™, a new exercise science paradigm 'for all' ages and skill levels to learn the framework of physical training and exercise therapy.

phone: 917.224.4944


Announcement! the RudigerMethod officially returned back home to its birth domain www.FutureHuman.com dba. FutureHuman Corp. We will be under construction and building content for the new Futurehuman throughout 2019.

  • Athletic Training & Fitness Training
  • RM Body Tune∞Up™ New Functional Fitness Training
  • RnBcardio Rhythm Breathing and respiratory conditioning
Specialized Exercise Therapy:
  • Physio-Analysis™ & Posture Correction
  • Injury & Neuro-muscular Rehabilitation
Corporate & Home Gym installations:
  • Home GymStall™ Consultations & Installations

Training Services can be booked in the 
privacy of your home, office, or gym. Karen also has relationships with many private facilities throughout the tri-state area, along with private s
chools, public parks, and recreational centers.

Contact Karen for more information:

Email: bodyteacher@futurehuman.com
Phone: 917-224-4944


International Contortionist Convention / ICC2016.
Click the image below and meet some of the greatest performers on Earth!
My workshop was a great success, it was fun to reunite with my friends and make new ones.


Plan ahead for Fall and Winter, book your group workshops early!
All ages and levels of health & fitness welcome.



Planning on building a personal home or office gym? Or a bigger project for a Co-op building or Condo? I can do the job under the price of what it would cost you to do the job on your own.
Call me to learn more about GymStall™ services. 

By the way, all fitness sales and services have merged under the name Futurehuman Corp. 
After forty two years of service I am working on passing my knowledge on to a younger generation.

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